Which footballer would you be?

ah makes sense

Sorry, I meant circa Aussie A-league Newcastle Jets :(((

(someone find that A-league bloopers vid for me please)

Junior Toilett

That’s brilliant :joy:

Ruud Krol, obviously.

Defender (mostly left-back), team captain, always loyal to his club, opened a chippy at the height of his career, retired from football at relatively old age.


Sorry! I’d be Mertesacker as I’m tall, slow and remarkably composed.


Joe Hart, without the attitude. Good at saving goals but my distribution is not great.


Mercurial, maverick, liable to lose it now and again, touch of a god, head of a bean.

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Michael Carrick. Quietly put a shift in, doing something that’s probably useful but no one can quite tell what, frequently out through injury. Frankly a bit dull.

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Michael Carrick is great though!

He’s probably a bit too consistent for me to be honest.

Pavel Nedved

@anon5266188 please can you answer this for me? I have no idea.

if it was someone good then Tevez maybe? A forward who runs around a lot, puts himself about a bit and generally keeps it simple

Someone who scores a lot of long-range goals, like Didi Hamman, Thomas Hitzelberger, or John Arne Riise. I reckon those couple of seconds once the ball leaves your foot and hits the back of the net must be orgasmic.


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Hmm, that’s not a bad shout. I’d say the main attributes you possess as a forward are work rate and strength at bundling through defenders, Troy Deeney maybe?

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He’s a bastard though. Can’t it be someone who plays with a smile on their face? I try to be as nice as possible

Danny Ings?

Is your hair as good as his though?

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