Which fruit flavoured drink or snack most closely resembles the taste of the fruit it is imitating thread

Mango Rubicon I reckon

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Skittles - rainbow :rainbow:


can I shock you.

I’ve never had an appletiser. the bottles look too fancy and the fancier looking the packaging, the worse the pop, as we all know.

Box of raisins (raisins)


freeze dried fruits
i defy you to eat a freeze dried banana and tell me it doesnt taste like a banana

do you freeze it in the skin

Probably does it fully clothed


i’ve only had the sliced type, reckon you can if you want though

Um Bongo - tastes generically tropical with no actual discernable flavours.

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Davidoff cool water

Irn bru

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It’s actually Lychee Rubicon

Has anyone tried those drinks with basil seed in, freak me out

Grapefruit San pel

Instant coffee

anticipating controversy itt

Well aren’t all banana flavoured things based on a type of banana we don’t even eat anymore? So no banana flavoured thing could possibly taste like a modern banana.

That might be made up though.

Banana antibiotics

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