Which highly controversial and unpopular law would you come up with


If you were on a power trip (and in power obvs)

I think, whilst you can still buy food which contains mushrooms, the mushrooms will now be in a lil side pot so I don’t have to deal with picking them out. Any food manufacturers who produce food with Mushrooms baked inside will be facing a £5000 fine per mushroom placed in all of their products. This law only implies to physical Mushrooms and not any extracts/sauces made from Mushrooms. Restaurants may continue serving mushrooms in their dishes


Castrate all people who don’t like mushrooms.


Motorised vehicles apart from public transport are banned.




Breeding will be permitted once every 7 years. For many of you, this will be much less breeding. For me, much, much more


Obstructing pavements and thoroughfares, e.g. dawdling, blithering, meandering in a Tube station, is now a taseable offence.


Pretty sure all of London would starve… I’m in!


Can we allow delivery trucks and amazon vans pls?


Life imprisonment for leaving chewing gum on seats. And pavements.


Ban the internet


US patent law to be brought into line with EVERY OTHER CUNTING COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

Introduce specific patent law qualification exams for the US, of the same difficulty as the UK ones, instead of a fucking multiple choice bar exam.

Execution by lethal injection for any US attorney who objects to this. Tiny American flags for the rest.


This has irked me.


My old boss hated mushrooms so much he would encourage his children to stamp on them. Grumblegrumble. Ilovemushrooms.


Give dads a year of paternity leave at full pay.


death to people who take memes too far


100% inheritance tax.

Ban buy-to-lets.


Still thinking about this.

Probably not.

Deliveries (all) will be made by drones.


Yeah, what I would really go for is huge taxes on a second property, unbelievably massive on a third and something so big it couldn’t be quantified on a fourth.


I would outlaw mayonnaise


Ban tea. Just so we can see how many of those “I can’t live without tea!!” twats actually CAN live without their festering pondwater.