Which HOB

Would be nice to have hobs that were a bit more decorative eh


I don’t really like cats. Do you have anything else for me?

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I predict this will end up with less posts than the actors thread.

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those electric hobs that glow red:

  • awful, give me gas
  • i’m a man or woman of success. i’m a man or woman of today

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This is a really nice fluffy omelette

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The only criteria I have ever verbalised when house hunting is “it has to have gas hobs”


Would you say something like “this omelette is like eating a cloud!”?

Probably not, no

Nah, me neither

would you be fine with the entire house being made of paper, but it had gas hobs?

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I believe you mean burners which make up a hob.

(my smugness depends on if anyone has already posted this)

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This is much nicer. Thank you for sharing.

Currently my entire house is covered in fucking paper so I guess, yes?

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As we discussed yesterday, gas is over

Would you buy a product called Fucking Paper that you could, for example, lay out on the bed before sexual intercourse if you expected things to get a bit messy

But what about gas hobs? Surely you’re whole nation isn’t wealthy enough for 100% induction hob coverage!?


reckon this might be my favourite comedy thing of all time