Which HOB

I believe that they are too busy wearing clogs to worry about cooking.

I heard that too

No gas by 2050. Electric/induction cooking for all.

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Good grief!

we’ll all be dead by then


Different hobs for different needs. My induction hob requires that you choose a hob of appropriate size for the pan being heated or it won’t work properly.

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Hey, induction hob, induct this!



I showed this sketch to some of my teammates at a company I used to work for. They loved it so much it ended up being used by the head of department during a quarterly presentation as an example of the importance of testing.


Not if you stop using gas

I don’t believe that your middle finger is made of a paramagnetic material and I will therefore be unable to meet your request.

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Love our new induction hob massive fan.

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oh. no, I don’t think I’ll stop using gas.

which is it?

Think I’d be constantly burning my hands off if I had an induction hob

(I’m actually just jealous about people who have “induction hob” as they are very good)

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This is literally always funny to me


and in a thread about hobs, no less

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Bottom left if just one, then top right, then front right, lastly top left.

Yes I’m an induction wanker.


Our house is my ideal home especially the kitchen but for the glowing red hell hob instead of gas.

Love this

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