Which household appliances do you allow a couple of seconds between pressing the switch and it actually starting to work?

Happy to give my old vacuum a little time to get up to speed or a light bulb in a garage, not any other room though

What do you do to the other appliances that fail to meet your power up time expectations ?

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My television but that was in the early 80s.

Televisions used to be really slow to turn on, then got fast, then went back to slow.


“Smart” TV.
Valve amplifier.


good thread

Washing machine. Think it might be broken tbph.

Used to be my pedals too but my new power supply turns on instantly. Of course it doesn’t actually matter since I’ll be waiting for the amp to warm up either way. Still. £250 well spent.

Digital Radio
Tumble Dryer
My amplifier

Actually I’m fairly relaxed about these things and that’s why all my appliances love me and my benevolent rule.

My stereo sytem has a built in valve amp so I have to wait for it to go through a 10 second count down every time I turn it on before I can do anything with it.

The Death Star


My hi fi amp takes a mo to get going - which is annoying if you want to change the input source (phone/ cd/ tv etc) as it won’t register that you pressed the… :sleeping:

Coffee machine


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Not really in the spirit if the thread but loosely related.

I use Chromecast to stream stuff to my telly. There’s a delay between pressing pause and the stream actually pausing. I’ve got it perfectly timed now so I can press pause, put my phone down, then click my fingers towards the telly to give the impression it’s my click that’s paused it.