Which household chore makes you feel most disproportionately smug?

Changing the cat litter for me.

In my head: I am a responsible, caring pet owner and am working towards making the living atmosphere cleaner and more sanitary.

Reality: Well done pal you’ve tipped some pissy talc into a bin bag.


Cleaning the oven.

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Thank you for your swift response.

no point in cleaning the oven, the fire cleans it for you


Dusting the skirting board. I feel like…”yeah enjoy your crappy dusty skirting board everyone else I must be the only person motivated to do this every couple of months when I can be arsed.”

Preemptive fuck you to any LIAR who says they do it on the reg.

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Shirts on hangers, lined up on the clothes rail :blush:

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I feel like the kindest, bravest person in the world when i nobly declog the hair (90% mine) from the shower plughole


Fresh bedsheets. Tonight, I sleep like a king.

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Iron-ic humour

Wiping up the dead ants from the bottom of the dishwasher

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How smug did it make you feel?

Pretty smug cos I’m gonna be dead ant free

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Doing the washing or tidying the place while something is cooking in the oven. I’m multitasking like I’m in The Sims, baby!

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I’m happy for you.

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