Which human has said the most words?

I reckon Danny Baker

David Attenborough

He’s old but I reckon he has long periods of quiet contemplation.

He’s probably repeated a lot. Who has the widest vocabulary?

Shakespeare, Jesus or Russel Brand.

(i didn’t say unique words)

My mother-in-law

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Shakespeare was making loads up though, which was apparently hilarious but I don’t think should count.

I guess it is Russel Brand then.

Agreed. To get back to your original question, I think one of those American evangelical pastor guys, they don’t shut up (as far as I know).

Give him a few more years and I reckon that Danny Dyer could be in with a shout.

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Does writing / typing them out count?


I guess what we are learning is that it is definitely going to be a cockney geez

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lil b

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Probably Twista


Probably one of these guys


Mark Kozelek is trying his hardest


joanna newsom n all

she could probably fit more in if she stopped uses words longer than 3 syllables

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