Which is best?

According to Google (can’t be many of that name) he’s now dead.

I know :frowning:

As much as he pissed me off I did feel sorry for him too, his neighbours had a restraining order on him as he was such a bellend but I don’t think he had any family and I did have some decent chats with him about history. Think drinking Guinness all day did him no favours.

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Julian Assange there

niche reference ahoy

30 votes and every single line has at least one vote.

What a video.

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I worked with a guy who sent this to me titled “this is me if I ever get arrested” and it absolutely is

Imagine a mix of this guy, the X Factor announcer, and Orson Welles in this advert:


Might text him and see how he is

This thread should be potw.

Absolutely sterling work. I’ve watched this at least ten times today.

The inflection and intonation is just beauteous.

Tata and farewellllllll.

There’s some naysayers who think it’s staged or part of a TV drama and isn’t actually the chess fella but I wonder, does it even lose any of its charm even if that is the case

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Oh @Joke I love you x


What’s this about please


Can’t believe I’ve not seen this before! Was convinced it was Oliver Reed for a bit

sit down inside the car, i’m not assuring anything, you’re under arrest


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this is how I want to go.

Any chance anyone has spliced together this and the citizens arrest video. I would accept an audio only version

was honestly thinking this just now. I want both the videos in one.

Put your hands on the car and prepare to… Dine?

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prepare to die guy, but whips out a few prawn toasts when the old bill arrives and claims innocence.

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Must have watched this every day since it was posted. Can’t believe how much comedy gold it fits in to it’s one minute running time. Love the way he pronounces ‘democracy’ and how he does seem genuinely impressed by the guy’s judo abilities at the end.