Which is better; The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, or the Godfather Part III for some reason?

I think the second one is better, so maybe watch that one first, and if you like it, try the others.

Where does it say that I haven’t seen them?

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Just a general comment, not necessarily to you in particular

Apology accepted.


They’re all very good including the one from the dating app song. I liked olde timey New York in Godfather 2 and De Niro is fun in it.
But the overall feel and atmosphere in 1 is better, also Caan, Pacino and Brando are at absolute peaks respectively.

Don’t know why people complain about the pacing or that it’s just old men whispering in rooms. It’s not for a start. But also what’s wrong with that?

In all honesty all three would have been improved by the addition of a few dinosaurs. Or penguins.


They’re near the end.

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2 would have been better as two seperate and fully realised movies.

Don’t @ me!



Hahaha not a chance


Part 3 is the only one I didn’t fall asleep while watching hungover on a Saturday afternoon while in 6th form, so that.

You had 6th form on Saturday afternoon?

Not too bad, skimmed through it there and some interesting stuff.

No, I had a hangover on the Saturday afternoon.

Part 2 is only as good as it is, because part 1 did a lot of the groundwork.

Part 3 is better than some give it credit for.

Reckon part 1 had a bigger impact on me than 2 or 3

so, your answer is, all of them!? :smiley:

Would probably be II at a push for me, but the first 2 are just one VERY long excellent movie


Can’t believe Marty hasn’t seen any of them. Quite a major blank spot in the olde cultural lexicon make no mistake.

… it isnt considered the good one

But thats just me gazes

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Part I by a giant distance. As good as the Vito scenes in Part II are, the bits with Michael are tedious as fuck until the final third of the film.

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Ur a major blank spot in the olde cultural lexicon.