Which is the best album for Paramore?

I’ve been arguing with my best friend which album from Paramore is the best one to date. We know all albums have a different style especially the tunes of After Laughter. So to settle our friendly argument, we thought about asking the opinion of people from the internet. Whoever wins will win free tour to the local museum. It’s just a little game between us. My bet is on Riot. For me, it is, hands down, the best album they have. My friend’s betting on Brand New Eyes. Settle the deal for us, please?

Which museum is this?

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It’s After Laughter, so neither of you get a tour

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The answer is The Best Of Paramore.

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I’ve always said less is paramore. So none of them


which is the shortest one? that one


The best album FOR paramore is probably “magnolia electric Co.” by Songs ohia. I reckon they’d probably get a lot of listening to that.


Came into this thread to give a similar answer.

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@sean can probably settle this.




So do I get the tour of the museum?

I’d like to ask the significance of all the lead details in your username, @Lead82Pb?

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The answer is either of Marmozets albums

Brand New Eyes. No question - such a massive leap in quality. Self titled has some absolute bangers, as does After Laughter, but as a whole - it’s gotta be BNE. Solidified them as a band to be reckoned with.

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Self Titled.




Depends which direction you’re coming from.

If you’re a big Jimmy Eat World and Weezer fan, then Brand New Eyes is the one.

If you’re into that but learning more toward spacious rock like Interpol and The Cure then self titled.

If you love Pop bangers then After Laughter.


Paramore is such a great band. I mean it. In my opinion their best album is either their self titled album or After Laughter. Riot! and Brand New Eyes are really solid albums, though. Only their debut is mediocre, bar the singles.

What about their self titled album?

He’s not. Here’s your sensible answer:

Paramore are rubbish, lads.