Which is the best Beatles album?

I have spoken to the moderators and any “Best of” chat is an instant perma ban.


The magical mystery tour.

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I’d have to say…

The best of…

Abbey Road


I used to think it was Revolver, but now I think it is Rubber Soul.

I always knew it wasn’t Sgt Bloody Pepper.

Rubber Soul just behind Revolver for me. Sgt Pepper is probably 3rd, then don’t care that much about the rest of their albums really.


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You wouldn’t have Abbey Road in the top 3?

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I think this is where I am at the moment.

Abbey Road is the one I’ve most been into so gotta go with that. It’s their most tuneful & that 4 track suite at the close is sublime.

Evidently I’m one of them - but intrigued how often Sgt Pepper or Revolver will be mentioned, as it seems almost too obvious to go with them…

For me White Album. Only Beatles album I’ve ever loved.

I’d have to say…

‘Abbey Road’.

In order- White album, Abbey Road, Revolver, probably Rubber Soul over Sgt Pepper but hard to call between the two

listened to it once a few years ago and wasn’t feeling it. haven’t tried it out again since.

White album


Abbey road

most of the rest I couldn’t care less about apart from Eleanor Rigby which I think is on Revolver?

I don’t get the love for s/t. Just seems like such a mess to me with a fair few very mediocre songs.

I really like the production and also I think it’s the first one where there isn’t just twee harmonies covering up interesting song ideas all the time (there still is sometimes).



Birthdays the most underrated beatles song

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Revolver > Rubber Soul > White Album > Hard Day’s Night > Abbey Road


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White Album or Revolver. I go between the two.