which is the best beer?

Massive depends. Love both on occasion, especially the 2-3 drink feeling you have on your own when you feel like the star of your own movie

Anyone for a round of Spoof?

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is this a sex thing?


No it’s the only fun drinking game.

the one where you put a note on your head that says spaceman or something?


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“where the loser buys the other participants a round of drinks”

oh I don’t want to do this!

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The trick is to be good at it.

Once offered to buy my friend a pint if he ate his own massive bogie, he did it and I reneged on my promise. Shameful.

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This may alienate people but I strongly feel that there is no need for any drinking game to exist

Nagelspiel is the best drinking game

The first warm beer on a balmy autumn’s eve

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I’m always absolutely knackered on a Friday evening, so a beer just sends me to sleep.

By Saturday, I’ve usually caught up and relaxed a bit.

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  • buy a round for everyone and remember all the drinks and struggle to carry them
  • buy your own drink like a prick

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I would agree completely were it not for my Spoof prowess

give you a game of penny sports

I don’t know what that is but ok!

it’s a game I invented in the pub.

Essentially it’s like bowls but the rules are as follows:

. Put a 5p in the centre of the table. You will try to get as close to this without hitting it.
. Each player needs a penny and a 2p to hit it with.
. Measure five knuckles lengths away from the 5p and place your penny there.
. Use the 2p to nudge the penny towards the 5p. Closest without touching wins the round
. Winner moves one knuckle length backwards towards the edge of the table
. First person to move their penny off the table wins

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Reminds me a bit of a game we used to play at school involving trying to get a coin to the edge of a table then flicking it up and catching it.