which is the best beer?

Not many things in life live up to expectation (or get dulled by familiarity), but that first sip of that first pint you’ve been looking forward to all day/week is never anything other than complete bliss.

For a while now I’ve been drinking a few beers everyday at 5pm

All I really look forward to in the day is an episode of schitts creek at lunch and 5pm beers

Probably not ideal.

could play Buddha ball too but I’ve mostly forgotten the rules to that one

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think you had to sit in a circle and hit a football at each other and if it deflected off you and went out of the circle you were out. You can’t move your butt off the ground though when trying to keep the ball in

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Really makes me cringe saying the beer round thing “hi yeah, two pints of Stella, one Magners, a Peroni and a diet coke cheers!” got you sound like such a wanker

have to do that horrible thing where you raise your voice and you hear your own shit voice too

Waiting at a bar is one of the worst experiences in life.

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elbow on the bar, nonchalantly fiddling with a £20 note

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Ordering those drinks yeah you do :wink:

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Oh laa dee daa! ok I’ll have a Gentleman’s Leisure then, easy on the ice!

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Im drinking a staropramen now. Theyre quite crisp and refreshing when properly ice cold. Mine isnt quite that cold but its going down a treat nonetheless. And 3 big bottles for a blue lizzy at tesco express

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Catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirrored bar. :confounded:

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I love that bit. Always give myself a cheeky wink and a “oh, who, me?”

maybe you’re just really handsome!

You sound just like my mum


And lets face it, thousands of women


Not heard that name before but this is a sublime pub game for 3-4 people. Love it.

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Matchbox game was my favourite drinking game. That and the thumb game. Dunno if they had real names