Which is the best Rolling Stones album?

Following on from the Beatles thread, hit me up with your favourite Stones.

Let it bleed

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Not nearly as bothered. My personal hot take: Some good songs, no great albums.


Exile on Main Street, closely followed by sticky fingers


That run from Beggars Banquet to Exile on Main St. is pretty special. I’ll usually put on one of those four on. If not one of those then either Some Girls or Aftermath…


I have never listened to a Rolling Stones album and I will never listen to a Rolling Stones album.

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There’s definitely a couple of their records that are worth your time KG :wink:

I hear you WizLiz but I doubt I’ll ever get around to it. The only Stones related thing I’ve ever enjoyed was Keith Richards’ autobiography. The music had akways left me cold.

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Not really a fan of their albums, don’t usually bother with anything except Sticky Fingers and to a lesser extent Exile on Main St (has some great songs but I find it a slog getting through the whole thing). I also quite like Black and Blue and the UK version of Out of Our Heads.

Agree with the tone that their albums are a slog. I listened to Steel Wheels on the back of Appetite For Destruction revitalising the scene in the late 80’s. It was well reviewed in the NME or Sounds - but it was dire (SW, not AFD). I remember a few MTV Stones tracks being half decent Love Is Strong, etc and of course they have many great individual songs. For the Rock N’ Roll Royalty they are they should have many Classic Albums - but they just don’t…

torn between Exile and Beggars Banquet, both incredible. Disagree that Exile is a slog, I had it on CD for years and didn’t clock it was a double album until I bought the LP.

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they definitely do. have you listened to any of the earlier albums? because the stuff you’ve mentioned is all late 80s / early 90s from a band that peaked in '72. That four album run wizliz mentioned is pretty untouchable really, if you’ve never heard them then you should absolutely check them out. I can see why exile might be considered a slog (even if I don’t agree), but the other three are all under 45 mins


Goats Head Soup with Let It Bleed a close 2nd

I’ve heard Exile on Main Street probably about 4 times in its entirety and I like its sound but not the album as a whole at all. Agree that Let It Bleed is a Classic Album and they do have many great single songs. I guess a real gripe is they just how long they have milked their run and that they are still HUGE in terms of ability to sell out vast stadiums.

Exile on main st for sure. It oozes.

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Exile all the way, one of those albums where I barely notice any weaker tracks because the vibe is so strong and the whole thing hangs together so well. Plus the peaks are immense - Rocks Off, Rip This Joint and Happy never fail to make me smile and Tumbling Dice is probably my fav Stones song.

Then it’s Sticky mostly for Sway, Can’t You Hear Me Knocking (their best riff?) and Moonlight Mile.


Literally The Best of the Rolling Stones.

Probably this one


Tumbling Dice is incredible. The outro is sweet, with Charlie’s drumming so lackadaisical he’s barely keeping up with the rest of the band. Ragged glory.

Moonlight Mile is another great about.

Haha hadn’t noticed that before, Charlie is so chill. Moonlight is my fav ballad of theirs by far and I also have a soft spot for all of Keef’s songs, surprisingly good for such an actually terrible singer

tbf I haven’t given Beggars Banquet or Let It Bleed much of a chance. I’ve listened to Beggars Banquet a few times but it hasn’t clicked with me. I’ve never really liked Sympathy for the Devil, which doesn’t help. Jigsaw Puzzle is great though.