Which Is The Best Teeth?

  • Incisors
  • Canines
  • Premolars
  • Molars
  • Postmolars
  • False
  • Wisdom
  • Other (please don’t state)

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Anyway, this is just something that it might be interesting to consider. Don’t worry if you’re not interested though, I’m sure there will be a thread that captures your imagination soon!

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I might start calling my incisors “the insidzers”


i’m on insidzers and i’m lookin’ in

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Is this meant to be sung to the tune of that one Fred Durst song?

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None of the other bastards stand a chance in this poll

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teeth are fine but don’t look too closely at them

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Wisedom teeth

  • Mischevious
  • Sexy
  • Sexy and Mischievious
  • Neither sexy nor mischievious

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I don’t fear the dentist or anything but I find it so embarrassing because everyone there is so middle class and my teeth aren’t great, feel like they’re trying to shame me into paying $$$$ for some kind of whitening thing

not sure I know the difference between canines and incisors tbh

Wisdom teeth are fucking pricks.


I rate my sharp teeth canine out of ten


oh you will

Nominate this for potw @anon5266188 you coward

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As a gawky, acne-riddled teenager I had an extra 8 (eight) teeth growing in my gum that were superfluous to the teeth that were already in my gob.

It took a painful and horrific surgery to remove them. They were the worst teeth.

I’m not allowed to any more


Oh lordie, so sorry to hear that and good that you’re all good now!

Looks like it’s wearing sexy and mischevious red pants


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