Which is the finest single readily-available fast food menu item

Used to be the BBQ Signature burger at McDonalds but they’ve killed it off. Zinger Tower burger is the answer now.

FAO all you big city types, readily available means you can get it at a commonly found fast food outlet around the country.

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Not a fan of the ‘tower’ option but the zinger burger is a fine thing.

Reckon I’d go McDo quarter pounder with cheese or the humble Greggs sausage roll

McDo double cheeseburger


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Gregg’s glazed ring, hands down


oh special mention to the vegan sausage roll from Greggs which is properly excellent, haven’t tried any other plant based things from fast food outlets actually, should fix that


Zinger tower burger is very good, but if I had it on its own I’d be a bit disappointed I think. So going to go for:


No polls just opinions.

It’s a close second to the quarter pounder

Burger King vegan menu is annoyingly good


Sausage and Egg McMuffin


I have removed the poll cos rules is rules

Cross-posting in order for the administrative team to ensure it is recorded but the KFC Zinger Burger is the pinnacle of fast food.

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Engineering a Breakfast Roll to end up with this in bread instead of a Muffin has become the optimum breakfast item

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Zinger Tower Burger or 20 Mcnuggets innit

Oh and the wendys mcmuffins equivelent nukes mcdonalds out the water. Its replaced mcdo as my go to fast food brekky especially as they let you get a crossaint or nommy spicy potatos as a side and it costs pretty similar

Living in the national hotbed of chain restaurant testing ground the Popeyes equivalent of the zinger tower burger (the spicy deluxe) has fully replaced the KFC alternative for me, otherwise I would agree with you.

Shout to the Burger King Bacon double chesse XL as well. a fine burger.

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A BMT from Subway that’s been made well and hot after its toasting.

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Popeyes burgers are actually legit as fuck but not many people have tried them but im with you the chicken in their burgers tastes way better. Shame the pieces of chicken are awful watery rubbish

Greggs sausage roll. Fills a specific need reliably.

[Actually that’s not true. Sometimes they aren’t hot enough, but are then still adequate]

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Oh shit I’ve been an absolute fool here. The answer is quite clearly large donner meat & chips with garlic sauce