Which is the finest single readily-available fast food menu item

A point of clarification if I may?

When people are talking about the Zinger “Tower” Burger are they actually meaning the Zinger Stacker? I could accept an argument on that being a premium option but if we are just talking about the version if the Zinger Burger that inexplicably has a hash brown in it then I’m really disappointed in you all.

I like the hash brown.


Whatever the biggest one is



Bring back ur sausage bucket


The stacker is the guy that has two zinger fillets atop one another with supercharger mayo and another spicy sauce. It’s a great item but it is way, way too much to be the pinnacle or a regular order.

(Nav once ate four in a three day period because he thought they were a limited menu item)


Ill take a stacker please

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No such thing anymore


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Could never consider getting a burger in KFC as I crave the tactile sensation of getting my hands on some actual fried chicken with a side of hot wings.

Best by miles is the Burger King X-Tra Long Chili Cheese. An incredible taste sensation.

If Jesus was real he would allow me to make the following order:

KFC Zinger Burger
Fries from Burger King
Thick gravy and beans from KFC
Side of McDonald’s Nuggets
Creme Egg McFlurry for pudding


Lovely bit of info this


actually yeah I think this is the better burger by far but price/value means the McDo double cheeseburger wins

Oh sorry, what is my favourite then?

Hey we aint asked for your favourite we asked for the finest :face_with_monocle:

a buritto.

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Zinger Burger - don’t hold with the tower - BBQ sauce and cheese have no place near my spicy chicken goodness. Once ordered a zinger Burger meal with an extra zinger Burger. No regrets.

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