Which is the finest single readily-available fast food menu item

not sure of my opinion of the zinger burger but gotta respect this as an approach


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Burger King XL Bacon Double Cheeseburger


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I’m fairness to me, I was hungover, starving and had 4 hours left of a 6 hour drive

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Chip shop chips


Yeah this is up there for sure.

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Greggs Sausage Roll please.

Lord Jesus is suseJ droL backwards


I’m deciding to do an elite tier:
KFC Zinger Burger
Popeyes Spicy Deluxe
Wendys McMuffin
Bacon XL Double Cheeseburger
Domino’s Cheeseburger Pizza w/Burger Sauce on Italian Base
McFries (only when freshly cooked!!!)
Chippy Chips Soaked in Vinegar

No kebabs at all?

I do like me kebab meat n chips but its nnot reliable enough for me to don it any sort of award. But a good one on a “good” mindset can be on the list

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battered soss


I used to be addicted to these, haven’t had one in years



Big Mac or McDonalds apple pie. Preferably both.

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If I’m casting aside vegetarianism then zinger tower burger it is. Though the desperate need for more hash brown can not go unsaid.

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my understanding was that we were discussing chains

if not, then donner chicken meat + chips from a good local kebab place is up there, but only if I’m real deep in a drinking sesh



my interpretation of your OP

I thought that this meant I couldn’t choose a burger from Morley’s, cos they’re only in South London

so I expanded my assumption to mean that if I had a favourite kebab shop near my house that was an independent place (as most kebab shops are) then I couldn’t choose that

I’d guess plenty of people in this thread will have items they love that they couldn’t guarantee as being readily available all over the UK (eg. even if someone doesn’t love in a city now maybe they did previously)

Oh I mainly posted that to stop the usual people being specific, like ‘the avocado and gruyere twist from Kenneth’s bakery’ or something, like everyone would instantly know what they meant.


It’s ok to be generic with this one. ‘Kebab shop’ or ‘chippy’ are fine.