Which is worse

  • Annoying
  • Boring

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Boring, quite like getting annoyed at people tbh


(silently to myself)

  • Static
  • Silence

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^ This

One can revel in being annoyed. Very difficult to enjoy being bored.

reckon it’s healthy to be bored sometimes


I’d rather someone being annoying than boring

But I’d rather be bored than annoyed


  • Feeling too hot
  • Feeling too cold

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  • Being racist
  • Pretending to be racist in the media for money and attention

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Just in terms of every day hunger, nothing life threatening

  • Being hungry
  • Being too full

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If anyone’s voted too hot then they can never have been truly cold


don’t really understand this

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anyone voted too hot can never have been set on fire


I have a pretty small appetite but hang around people who eat loads/am greedy. Regularly keep eating well after I should have stopped, and then later that night or the next day feel absolutely awful.

Too full is more uncomfortable but I am an unfathomable dickhead when too hungry, so that for everybody else’s sake

  • Dog excrement
  • Human excrement

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even when i’m in physical pain from having eaten too much i am pretty content


  • wet
  • dry

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  • too spicy
  • too bland

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Oh no my cereal is too _____