Which is your least favourite typical farmyard animal?

which is your least favourite of the typical farmyard animals?

Inspired by @kermitwormit’s lovely thread

  • cows
  • horses
  • pigs
  • goats
  • ducks
  • chickens
  • cockerels
  • peacocks
  • sheep

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I am a Capricorn. I am required to. Sucks to be a Libra eh?

Edit - oh I read this as favourite

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Not sure peacocks are farmyard animals but they’re thick, aggressive birds and they can fuck off

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They’re all great. Not goats though that’s for sure

Ah I like goats too, feels like they have a lot of personality

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sheep are kinda nasty

you see peacocks on farms don’t you? I’m sure I have

the baby ones are brilliant though, and the adults do have nice wooly coats

Yeah and where’s your lovely decorative tail fan? Not even got any feathers, have you pal?

Fucking arrogant as well.
“Ooooh look at me with my fancy plumage”
Shut up

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What are peacocks even doing? What’s the long game there?

Geese, fuck geese honking bastards


best animal noise?

  • neigh!
  • oink
  • woof
  • miaow
  • cluck cluck
  • cockadoooodledooooooooooo
  • baa-aa-aa

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Used to. Peacock took them.

I had to adopt a goose a few days ago and it really pained me

I love Geese

Yanno how cockrells supposedly cockledoodledoo in the morning and that’s it. It’s all the time, day and night.

We get it, your plumage is amazing but STFU

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lol shit!

I like most farm animals really, I find some of them to be better than others though.