Which item of clothes (clothing) do you

buy least often?

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: You have to have bought said item of clothing AT LEAST onces.


It might actually be pants.

Actually it’s “suit”


My Mum usually buys them for me

Bow tie

Pants and socks. Get given enough for Christmas and birthday to see me through til the next time.

I can remember the last time I bought a new suit. I cannot remember the last time I bought new pants.

Might need some new pants.

Socks - rely on other people to buy them for me as slightly rubbish but actually useful xmas gifts…

Sounds like you need some new pants!

Future Secret Santa, please take note.

I don’t think I’ve bought any new pants in about maybe 10 years?

The four pairs I own are really nice Calvin Klein ones so I don’t see a need to.

i love socks as a gift

got some last xmas and they all had holes in only 2 months later :frowning:

codpiece or wig

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Unfortunately for me the correct answer is a tie between fedora and bowtie. The fedora was for a Mask fancy dress costume though so go easy on me

I have bought 28 pairs of the same pants in the last two weeks.

They’re really good pants, and they were on offer, decided to invest.

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Four pairs of pants:

  • Mad
  • Correct

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You’ve got to speculate to accumulate, as they say.

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Christ, that’s like 24 too many for me.

Trust you’ll be bringing this up during his quarterly review @Antpocalypsenow