Which item of clothes (clothing) do you

I’ll be drawing the attention of the relevant people to it, don’t worry about that


Very good to hear that.

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How do you get by with just 4?

Day one: Wearing pants A
Day two: Wearing pants B, pants A dirty
Day three: Wearing pants C, pants A and B in wash
Day four: Wearing pants D, pants A and B drying, pants C dirty.
Day five: Wearing pants A, pants B clean, pants C & D in wash.
Day six: Wearing pants B, pants C & D drying, pants A dirty
Day seven: Wearing pants C, pants D clean, pants A & B in wash.

I mean, it’s technically possible, but that’s just too much washing and what if something happens?

What might happen to your pants?

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Shit yourself / stay over someone’s house / cba to do a wash EVERY OTHER DAY &etc

no u

Why would I shit myself and knowingly leave myself with only three pairs? Weird.

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I’m not saying that you’d do it intentionally

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This. Have only ever owned 3 suits in my life.

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Good, thought you were trying to make me sound weird ITT

You’re doing a good enough job of that by yourself

It’s widely accepted that pants are good for two days on the trot, so I never really have to wash them much anyway


What if you get a load of ketchup on them?


I guess if you’re that concerned with hygiene just reverse them occasionally!

thread creating more questions than answers rn

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computer games professionals with questionable hygiene standards? I find that extremely hard to believe tbqfh.

Do you reverse them?

Golf shoes (one purchase, 2 shoes)

Hi all,

I’d like to reveal that I am joking about owning four pairs of pants - I own around 20! @ma0sm , you should’ve seen your face, mate!

I thought it would be funny to pretend that I only own four pairs, and it was, and now it’s over, so let’s not bring this up again. Thanks.