Which Judas Priest lyrics best sum you up?

Your personality, life, world-view whatever.

For me, without a shadow of a doubt it’s from their Stained Class album and the song White Heat, Red Hot.

Prepare to fight, unsheathe your scythe a ghastly beam of ill
To slice the life with blinding light and seventh dimensional skill

In fact it says so much about me that it’s my tagline on my dating profile.

I know none of you need it but here’s a link to the complete lyrics of the band.


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I knew a Father Jude. We used to call him Judas Priest behind his back. Probably dead now.

Can’t remember what album that’s on.

I need to get in with Breaking the Law before anyone else does

1988’s Ram It Down, I think.

Through cracked, blackened memories of unit dispersal
I face the impregnable wall

Which, as we all know, is from Dissident Aggressor


Just realized there’s a track on British Steel called Grinder. Rob Halford ahead of the game as usual.


I mean, this sums up pretty much every user here.

Let the cynics drop dead in their critical head
They’re wrist merchants as we all can see
Bunch of deaf ears with their columnized fears
What a shame, what a shame, oh dear me!

From Let Us Prey / Call For The Priest off of Sin After Sin (1977)

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You’re not going to believe this but I ever since I first met you I’ve always associated you with those lines.


I’m a wrist merchant for sure.

Who is this man? Where is he from?

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Fetch the scream eagles
Unleash the wild cats
Set loose the king cobras
And blood sucking bats

…for Gert is born

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