Which Labour leader are you?


I got… Harold Wilson!


George Lansbury


got corbyn!!!


Bet you fixed it with that manhole cover question…


That’s the “which Bond are you” quiz


Labour has had a lot of very different leaders. Have you ever wondered which one you are?



i said i play guitar in that one!


Classic Attlee.


Gordon Brown

Soft left, and incredibly clever. You’d be pretty good as chancellor. You might just preside over the longest period of uninterrupted economic growth in post-war British history. You might also sit helplessly as it all falls apart the moment you get the top job.



I got Lansbury:

‘You’re a pacifist, even in the face of two World Wars. You would have
supported the Russian Revolution, but deep down you just want women’s
suffrage and a welfare state’.


Another Lansbury here.

I think the main thing was that we both think Blairites are the most damaging faction in the party. Lansbury fucking hated the Blairites.


me too.

although i didn’t read some questions through properly enough.


You, DD and Smee; I’m in good company :sunglasses:


I think cause I said we shouldn’t defend the Falklands


oh I think I said we should. didn’t know what I thought about that tbh.


I put should.


in fact the question about humanitarian intervention, can’t remember what I put but it defo wasn’t the hard pacifist answer. hmm. Lansbury seems like a strange thing to have given me.


Corbyn :frowning:


Hugh Gaitskell

You will fight, and fight, and fight again for what you believe. And what you believe is so aggressively modern, you’re always 30 years ahead of your time


Another George Lansbury here.