Which letter or punctuation mark do you think you could get away without using for the longest before someone was like "Why doesn't [YOUR NAME] ever use the letter F (or whatever)?"

As above

Length of time you’d get away with it included with your post please.

Presumably it has to be the semi colon. Even when you use it properly you look like a massive prick, so best to just avoid.

Either that or an interrobang.

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^ 365 years

How about we say it has to be one of the big hitting punctuation marks? . , ’ : ( ) ! ?

Agreed, but I wouldn’t want to get rid of it, simply because it’s got such a great name. Who’d want to get rid of the interrobang‽


Close bracket I reckon. People would get the gist, just assume you’d made a typo.

I reckon it wouldn’t take long before someone was like “You ever noticed that Steve never closes his brackets? What’s that all about?”

Maybe a month or so?

Bin off apostrophes’. Cause’s way more grief than its worth.

Excel crew would get fired pretty quickly.


“Ever notice how Steve never closes his brackets? What a cool guy. I admire and respect him.”

Yeah I reckon a month.

@anon29812515 decent point, the majority of my code would be borked. Probably a question mark then. I’ll just replace it with this face :expressionless:

A question mark‽ That would be found out almost immediately!


The exclamation mark, easy. People would just think I was a very serious man. They’d be all, “have you ever noticed how serious colossalhorse is?” And everyone would agree that I am in fact serious.

I reckon I could keep that up indefinitely.


I don’t rckon anyon would notic if I stoppd using on of th vowls

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Which one?


Yeah, reckon that would be easily doable tbh.

I guess that one episode of Seinfeld kind of bucks that a little bit but it is a work of fiction in fairness

All of Seinfeld’s syllables have an exclamation mark.

Havnt dcidd yt


Could get away without the exclamation mark fairly easily I reckon. It’s overused in nearly all circumstances anyway.

Could just use emojis instead.

We’ve been through this already but thank you for your contribution anyway

I have never used a semi-colon in all my adult years. They fucking disgust me! No one’s ever mentioned it though.