Which letter or punctuation mark do you think you could get away without using for the longest before someone was like "Why doesn't [YOUR NAME] ever use the letter F (or whatever)?"

I think someone would notice in about three weeks time

I think I could stop using every letter and form of punctuation and nobody would clock it

Everybody here at community.drownedinsound.com would notice, friend.

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not sure I’ve ever used a colon
apart from my own hehehe

You’d have to give up as soon as something bad happened to anyone you knew though. I can’t imagine “Sorry for your loss!” would go down well.

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In a world of hyphens the colon is redundant.


i’ve been posting without using the first letter of the 'bet for 4 months now & no one’s noticed

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I see you

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Feel free to use this in your tinder/bumble bio.


Getting through a conversation with every sentence ending in a question could lead to a potentially never ending talk though.

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Or like on Neighbours? Where every sentence goes up at the end? Like a question?

I dunno about you but I’m not sure how I could last doing that though? Because it’s, like, so annoying? And impossible not to read in that voice? So if my friends didn’t kick my face in after a few minutes I’d probably have to do it myself?


– erasmus’s copy editor

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Ampersand, there’s never a reason to use it

Paragraphs give the reader time to take a breath, text in one long stream of consciousness can be exhausting to read.

I used to work with someone who wrote paragraph-length sentences with endless sub-clauses, commas and parentheses. I genuinely lost the will to live midway through sentences because each one felt like it would never end.

Punctuation is your friend!


isnt it fashionable on twitter already 2 type like this and never use question marks

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