Which letter or punctuation mark do you think you could get away without using for the longest before someone was like "Why doesn't [YOUR NAME] ever use the letter F (or whatever)?"

Blah blah lyrics to Loser

I reckon I could navigate around using the letter J without anyone noticing.

I’m quitting the letter .

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I reckon J is a good shout actually, very easily avoided. Deceptively high scorer in Scrabble as a result I guess

X is a decent shout. Egsample. Secks. Zavier.

No need mate. We’ll end romantic messages with ->o instead.


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That would also work.

Bit late to the party but I’m going to give up using fullstops so that everyone thinks I’m flirting with them


You’re so mysterious and aloof :heart_eyes:

Wow that worked quickly maybe it’s true after all

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Is this the equivalent of being a tease .

Wait, I can’t believe dis autocorrects that


Getting a bit hot under the collar now :flushed:

it autocorrects including too many exclamation marks or question marks as well!!!