Which member of the Rednexx are you?

which member of Rednexx are you?


    • Fred Durst
    • Catwoman
    • Incubus
    • Steve Irwin

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Gone for Fred Durst cause it’s on theme for this last week or so :smiley:


turns out you really can make a thread about anything!


Where it Catwoman’s left hand? Has she got three hands? wtf is going on

The backstory of Rednex is totally insane. So many different members, so many fights, so many members being fired, rejoining, so many different insane band concepts… especially given how utterly turd their music is

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it is a part of Incubus now


that’s hilarious considering they had one song, what was there to fight about?


When Fred Durst week and #haircutweek combine

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I think at one point the founder decided they wouldn’t be a fixed band, they’d be a ‘concept’ with a fluid membership and different people would be at different live shows. Then the band hated the suggestion so he fired them all and did it anyway.

There have been about 40 members, it’s insane.

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Surely it’s corgan, shania Twain, Newton Faulkner/swampy and random fancy dress person?

wow so they’re like the original So Solid Crew or something?

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you could be right but it’s definitely Steve Irwin

Actually leaning towards heavily disguised John torode now

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took me ages to realise his name wasn’t Jonty Rhodes

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Yeah but with way worse names.

Full list:

Permanent members

  • 1994: Bobby Sue (Kent Olander), Billy Ray (Jonas Nilsson), Ken Tacky (Anders Arstrand), Mup (Ranis Edenberg), Mary Joe (Annika Ljungberg)
  • 1994–1995: Bobby Sue, Billy Ray, Ken Tacky, Mary Joe, BB Stiff (Urban Landgren)
  • 1996–1997: Bobby Sue, Billy Ray, Ken Tacky, BB Stiff
  • 1998–1999: Whippy (Mia Löfgren), Bobby Sue, Billy Ray, Ken Tacky, BB Stiff
  • 2000: Whippy, Bobby Sue, Billy Ray, BB Stiff
  • 2001–2003: Scarlet (Julie-Anne Tulley), Dagger (Anders Sandberg), Joe Cagg (Roy van der Haagen), Jay Lee (Jean-Paul Engeln)
  • 2003–2004: Scarlet, Dagger, Ace Ratclaw (Tor Penten), Boneduster Crock (Björn Scheffler)
  • 2004–2005: Dagger, Ace Ratclaw, Boneduster Crock, Annika Ljungberg
  • 2005–2005: Dagger, Ace Ratclaw, Annika Ljungberg, Jens Sylsjö (Snake)
  • 2006–2006: Anders Lundström (Maverick), Penten, Sylsjö, Ljungberg
  • 2007–2008: Anders Lundström (Maverick), Sylsjö, Ljungberg
  • 2009–2012: Scarlet, Dagger, Ace Ratclaw, Joe Cagg

Pool member changes

  • 2012-13: Dakotah (Nadja Flood), Abby Hick, Dagger, Ace Ratclaw, Joe Cagg, Rufus Jones, Mup
  • 2014: Misty Mae joins.
  • 2015: Whippy (Mia Löfgren), Boneduster Crock, Spades, Billy Ray, BB Stiff join. Dakotah leaves.
  • 2017: Pervis the Palergator, Cash, Rattler and Cassidy join. Cassidy leaves. Dagger becomes reserve.
  • 2018: Zoe, Jiggie McClagganahan, Moe Lester the Limp join. Whippy, Abby Hick, Boneduster Crock, Joe Cagg, Rattler leave. Billy Ray, BB Stiff become reserves.

I dunno some of these are amazing,

Boneduster Crock!
BB Stiff!
Urban Landgren

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wait…how come you know so much about the Rednexx?

very suspicious

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Surprise! I’m Ace Ratclaw


Say hi to Pervis the Palergator for me (if you’re on speaking terms within rednex PLC)

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Imagine being a reserve for Rednex in 2018. Practicing your choreography in training, hoping to break into the first team…