which moderately famous UK musician did I see at work earlier?

I nearly went up to them thinking they were a colleague

Was it Alison Moyet from Yazoo? And if not, are they more moderately famous than Alison Moyet from Yazoo or less moderately famous than Alison Moyet from Yazoo?

The bloke from The Feeling who is married to Sophie Ellis Bextor

Franz from Franz Ferdinand.

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Ricky Wilson (alive, and in the Kaiser Chiefs, not the late Ricky Wilson from The B-52s, who could not be this person as he was American)

@BobRickerton no
@TKC no
@Octobadger no
@Konichiwa_Bitches no

keep guessing!

Tina from S Club 7?

Lisa Stansfield

Su-Elise from Mis-Teeq

Kele from Bloc Party

Danny from McFly

Were they best known for being in a band or solo?

Either Charles or Eddie.

Katrina minus the Waves


Ms Dynamite

One of The Waves.

Alas no

@TKC solo, which narrows it down somewhat

Sir Paul McCartney


Paul Young