Which music streaming service do you use?

  • Spotify
  • Apple music
  • Google play
  • Napster
  • Freezer
  • Tidal
  • Pandora
  • Other (please state)
  • None

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What is better Spotify or amazone music unlimited or sth else?

Freezer = Deezer


I’ve been with Spotify Premium for about three or four years. I’ve hung with them through a lot of changes in that short time, some incredible and amazing, some ridiculous and make ya wanna scratch your head. But even at it’s worse I liked it more than any other I tried (Beats, Apple Music, Rhapsody, Pandora, the usual suspects). I foresee a lot of awesome things to come for streaming music and I hope Spotify continues to lead the way into that future.




nice Spotify tip. cancel your subscription and within a week or so, you’ll get an offer of 3 months for £9.99



I’m a Spotify Premium member, but am one of those weird people that also buy MP3s. So I store all my MP3s on the Google Play cloud thingy, but don’t use their subscription service.


I store ripped CDs and vinyl download codes with Google and use the Spotify web player with adblock if I’m giving an album a try. If I like it then I’ll buy it on CD like a shmuck


Use Spotify for looking new stuff up. Generally buy what I like on vinyl then. Also pick up records for DJ-ing now and then but don’t use Spotify for researching those, mostly just look for things on good labels.


Got spotify family between 4 of us, bargain, I’ve used it since 08 and had no issues from it apart from the buggy ass client they had a couple of years back.


Whichever one mostly recently offered me a good deal. Which is currently none of them, sadly.


I use two in tandem.

Spotify - for social playlists, access for new discoveries, and general streaming.
Google Play Music - for all my music uploaded to the cloud that I “own”, as well as for streaming via my Chromecast (which is supposed to work with Spotify but rarely does).


That’s interesting, but how old are you though?


pretty much the same for me don’t often find myself using Google Play that often though, tend to upload anything I buy on mp3 or codes I get with records then continue to stream from Spotify for ease


yeah i do the same for things that are on both. downloading and streaming from spotify works better than Google play which keeps on telling me things are available.


Old. I turn 40 on Friday. Just called it a day on buying CDs


HB for Friday man


Spotify for life. I tried switching to Apple Music (um) for a while, but it was so bad… I DO, however, feel like Apple Music is more user-friendly; if the user is someone who listens to whatever music they have from time to time.

Spotify is much better for people who are not afraid of digging deeper and deeper in order to discover new music all the time.


Elaborate on how it was bad please?? Really considering the idea of switching to Apple Music and feel like I need to be put off…


Spotify. I don’t stream using a lap top / desktop, so it’s all about app on ipad / iphone and Spotify still has the best ios app.
Tried Deezer and Apple Music - the latter is awful, don’t know if the upgrade on ios 10 will improve things ? Create a playlist and the songs you add are then duplicated in their respective albums in “Your Music” So your album now includes the track twice. Awful.


First of all, the only reason why I decided to try it out was because prior the official launch, I did a small project for one of the national markets for Apple Music, and thought their playlists were great - until today I feel like its their strongest feature. There are playlists for every occasion and based on every sound out there, created by musicians, curators, etc. However, I am into my “own” music. I like discovering, and it did not feel like I could discover a lot through that app. I randomly remember one time during a road trip when I wanted to quickly find some local Polish folk music (well, that’s not an easy search even for Google or YT) and I got so frustrated with Apple… their hashtags and search sucked… and that was the moment when I switched back to Spotify and found what I was looking for within seconds.

Other than that, Apple has (had? haven’t used it in a while now) a homepage with new releases that were basically showing me the same albums all the time (or maybe I am just obsessed and listen to music too often? and that’s why there was no change for days or weeks? that’s how it felt like) - whereas on Spotify I feel like a queeeeeeen given new, exciting adventures all the time. I LOVE their discover weekly and the fact that you can save both playlists and albums very easily, having them easily accessible all the time. I didn’t experience that with Apple Music - and don’t get me wrong, I feel like it could be a great app for some people, but not for me - I use Spotify both as a music lover and someone who needs to listen to albums for work, and I could not imagine Apple Music giving me as much freedom in that as Spotify does. :slight_smile: