Which natural medicinal stuff do you think works?

Obviously the standard nobhead answer’s none of them, but i seem stuck in a bit of a cycle of feeling ill and OTC tablets not doing anything, so i’m going to try a few things. Obviously the thread’s partly due to the stuff about fish oils having zero health benefits, etc.

I’m very, very cynical about anything like this, but some people i know have started taking something called turmeric paste, one for bad IBS, one for arthritis, and both have reported a huge difference in their symptoms. Apparently it’s a good natural anti-inflamatory.

Might as well give it a go. Would have thought it could aggrevate IBS maybe. Coconut oil’s generally accepted to be a good cholesterol reducer as well.

Most other stuff i’m not sure about. Might go to one of these Chinese herb doctors. 99% sure i’d be giving them £50 for a load of stuff i could get off my nan’s spice rack, but a couple of people i know who aren’t idiots think some of this stuff works.


Turmeric is the cure to all ailments.



Please stay away from homeopathy


Not sure if the following counts as natural but…

If you have the shits I’d recommend Chinese medicine style “smelly stomach pills”. I think they’re little balls of charcoal with some other stuff in them that makes them stink. something awful. They’re about a 1000x better than immodium which typically sends you too far the other way. These little balls are just magic.

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Aloe vera m9s. Cracking stuff for sunburn.

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I think it makes perfect sense that some foods and other supplements contain substances that have health benefits, the question is mainly whether or not it’s possible they can work at the level of standard consumption. Like, aspirin is derived from willow bark, but you’d have to eat a lot of pretty inedible tree to get the same impact as taking a pill.

When my mother-in-law was in the final days of her cancer, her mother persuaded her to go to some Chinese medicine quack who gave her some fucking scorpion venom concoction, pure money-grubbing fuckery but there wasn’t a lot I could do about it.



Turmeric is legitimately great stuff. Hot milk, bit of turmeric and some black pepper is a great remedy for most cold-like symptoms.

Am urging my sister to get onboard the turmeric train as well, she has ulcerative colitis and it’s meant to be really good for flare ups with that.


Might need to try these. Imodium sends me into an awful feedback loop for a couple of weeks if I need to take a full dose.


I’ve had at least 1 tsp of the stuff on all but 3 days since august last year and have felt noticeably better. Fewer aches and pains, more limber and it makes my tongue glow just like I’ve always wanted.

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You know what massively helped IBS? Being vegan. It also stopped tonsillitis which I used to get 5 or 6 times a year (no I do not want them taken out and yes I’ve explored that route)

If I’m getting a cold, I’ll drink shit loads of turmeric tea and that helps my throat.

What about @xylo apple cider vinegar thing? I had had a few and they’re not that bad but don’t think I can be arsed to keep it up all the time even though I know I should.

Why do so many people take those really small expensive bottles of yoghurt?

They won’t do any harm, sure, but they’re getting properly rinsed.

I’m thinking of doing a turmeric face mask but terrified of having a bright yellow face.


I wonder if arnica works. I took it in the run up to labour and I healed so quickly and didn’t have much pain at all afterwards but I’ve no way of knowing it was down to the arnica or not.

They have good bacteria in them for gut health. I think some other stuff is better these days (like kombucha)

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I like the idea of it but I’m way too forgetful!
I quite liked drinking it in an ice cold glass of water and lemon slices in the morning.

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I’ve jumped on the ACV train recently, since the local Tezbots have been stocking the unfiltered stuff again. Can’t be sure of its impact, just yet, but I’ll be sure to report back if there are any strong findings.


I always find I feel much better after a picnic bar or a topic


Being vegan pretty much cures my IBS too and my arthritis

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