Which natural medicinal stuff do you think works?


I always find I feel much better after a picnic bar or a topic


Being vegan pretty much cures my IBS too and my arthritis


Ginger seems to genuinely work for nausea

Thinly veiled I’m sick as a pig and need ginger-post


Anita Rani recommends them and she looks fucking superb at all times.


Not exactly “natural” but more alternative medicine-ish: I had a client who was using (very) dilute bleach as an anti-inflammatory, and it really bloody worked. Good data and everything.

I’ve occasionally used it to calm down an eczema flare-up and on a recurring inflammatory wound thing my gf gets, and it’s worked then too.


What secondary symptoms did you (and others) have with your IBS? Obviously feel free to not say or be as vague as possible if they’re a bit personal and that.

The gastroenterologist says i have IBS, but the main symptoms are pain around the liver area which doesn’t seem to be related to where my colon is or how full i am, etc, and extreme tiredness and headaches.

I’ve been trying a GF diet but will need to give it time.


literally the day before that news story about fish oil being a load of balls i had bought a load of fish oil

might as well take it now i guess


I’ve not read the article in full, but how can fish be very good for you and fish oil have no health benefits?


Use it to lube up your bike chain. It’s natural, it must be good.




I don’t want to be ‘that vegan’ but I also noticed a marked improvement in my asthma when I moved from vegetarian to vegan, within about three months I went from using Ventolin between 2 - 6 times a day to as little as once a week.

Definitely think there’s more to be said for a sustained lifestyle change than banging some milk thistle up your arse or whatever.


My mum used to sneak Bach flower remedies into my food


Absolute game-changer for me. Not kidding - massively helps IBS.


Do you do exercise btw? You run don’t you? Sweat a lot? Are you taking dehydration salts after? I found my headaches, tiredness and constipation was helped a lot by doing that. Now I take one every other day when I exercise.

I’m not sure GF is the best diet cause GF usually contains more refined sugars than regular stuff (bread, pasta etc) and I don’t think excess of sugar is great for IBS.

I would be constipated for days, mainly after eating dairy…then I would flip to having extreme diahreeha. Would go to the toilet maybe 10 times a day. I didn’t really eat meat anyway but I’d eat huge creamy yoghurts at least once a day, coffee with milk, loads of cheese. Would basically never go to the toilet and would have to be on liquid laxatives for some periods. I’d also get massive bloating and would have real tiredness around 3pm. Like a crash.

Now even if I do eat some dairy when I’m on holiday (once every 6 months or so), that’s it. I ain’t going to the toilet for a week or so.

TBH that stuff there is no miracle cure that you can take. It’ll only come from dietary changes so I’d start eliminating stuff and see how you feel after 2-3 weeks.


My friend who also went vegan the same time as me noticed a massive decrease in urine infections.

It’s mad how much it’s definitely helped my health but it could probably just be cause i’m getting more vitamins from whole grains etc. I don’t take any supplements apart from a b12 spray cause we should be getting enough vits anyway.


They kinda do this before indian weddings to both bridge and groom (pithi ceremony), and it did make my sister kinda yellow (although it does make skin pop), but I think there was too much tumeric in her mix

“Pithi is made out of some pure and natural herbs. Pithi made with chickpea flour, turmeric, rose water and few other important ingredients in a marriage Pithi paste.”


I have an insanely pale complexion. I’m practically see-through at times. I’m not sure this will be for me.

Bloody love a bit of rose water tho.


The active chemical in turmeric is Curcumin. You’d need to be having it daily with most meals for it to have an appreciable effect. Also, it is quite difficult to get the body to absorb it as it disintegrates when it hits stomach acid. however, there are formulations which get around this, and this is a good article-

Lots of natural supplements can have positive health benefits. I am prone to thrush and can’t tolerate antibiotics unless I take a powerful pro-biotic (which is like a potent capsule version of those yoghurt drinks you mention- the drinks don’t really contain enough +ve bacteria to make a big difference to your gut health as far as I’m aware). However, the more I read about health and the body’s immune responses, the more convinced I am that the gut biome is the key to good health. I give my two year old pro-biotics and he is breastfed and has minimal dairy- despite all that he still has hay fever like I do and will probably still develop asthma (we both had it and genetics are pretty hard to get around), but hey ho, you can only do what you can do. Likewise, giving omega3 won’t stop the chance of a child getting adhd if it’s in the family, but it can massively ameliorate symptoms.
SO I would say that nothing is a fail safe preventative or cure, but it’s certainly not all witchcraft and some of it does have a positive benefit.


Two other things I forgot to mention- magnesium and vitd- most people in the uK don’t get enough of either. When I’m run down I take a magnesium sulphate bath (it’s well absorbed through the skin) and I also take vitd capsules in winter. If I forget to take them for a week or two I get very low.


Yeah, this.