Which non-essential shop...

are you most looking forward to be able to visit in England from Monday?

I need some stuff from Lush

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I need some new trainers, I just want the exact same ones I’ve got now and not sure if I can get them online so I’ll have to head to Decathlon.

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Thanks Bam, a good clear and concise answer with excellent reasoning


love me some running shoes, I could never go back to normal trainers now

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i need some boots

bought some off amazon but i think they sent me fake ones because they fell apart in a couple of months so want to get some from an actual shop this time

He said non-essential

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Non essential shop not non essential good.

Shoes shops are currently non essential. Poor response, i expect better

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Second hand record shops


Need to buy some birthday presents for my better half. Probably go barbers first tbh

You can’t be going to England for boots


That would have been my first stop except I had an illegal haircut recently

i probably won’t be going to england to get them though so

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soestrene grene <3

Thought will probably still be a few months before i do


April the 26th for shoe shops in scotland?

Or you could click and collect now!!

i’ve made it this far think i’m going to try and hold out so that i can try them on

wait… are we allowed to try on shoes?

I need some new jeans, so probably a clothes store, and maybe a haircut too because my hair is looooooong at the moment.

Been absolutely itching the visit The Works for months now.

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Didn’t realise this was an international brand!

We had a shop there “by appointment” last weekend. They give you an egg timer on arrival, then you have that long to shop and get out. Despite the time pressure, it was otherwise really nice since the place is never usually that empty.


I’ve just walked through the city centre and all the shops were restocking, got a little twinge of excitement.
Not as much excitement as when i saw the pubs getting their outdoor furniture ready but excitement non the less

I was making a dad joke :frowning:

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