Which non-essential shop...

Have found Uniqlo chinos are quite comfy to spend the whole day in compared to jeans (when I’m not in trackies which is 95% of the time)

I wish there was an Uniqlo in Leeds. I hardly ever buy anything in there, I just like the vibes.


I went to a (mostly outdoor) garden centre on Tuesday. It was nice. Bought some pond plants.

might go chorlton to do the chazzer crawl. cracking set of chazzers in cho-town

Games Workshop

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There’s a bonkers 70s tablecloth in the window of the help the aged by morrisons :heartpulse:

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:heart_eyes: oh man i need some of that hot sweet chorlton chazza action

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Most of the chazzers round my way still have Christmas decorations up in the windows which makes me feel really queasy when I see them.

Can’t wait to hit the chazzas and pick up some nice plates/cutlery/ornaments for my food photography stuff. Also want to give them loads of money to help them with the cost of disposing of all the stuff people flytip at the front of their shop which has gone through the roof during the pandemic. Absolute bellends.

Got a bunch of clothes to give to the local chazza, so that’ll be good to have a clear out (will almost definitely end up buying a bunch of stuff while I’m there too though).

Also can’t wait to get a haircut, in the past month or so it’s gone completely wild so that’ll be a relief to get that sorted.

Looking forward to having a bit of a browse round record and bookshops too. Just miss wandering around and popping into places really.

Need new glasses.

Got a new prescription from Boots Opticians but their frames are shit. I’ll go to Cubbits on Tuesday (I’ll be a bit tired after Wrestlemania on Monday) and I expect shops will be busy on Monday.

Actually this is a lie - the last meal out I had was in Winchester with dissers :smiley:

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John Lewis. But will the cafe be open? Sure, let me look at £200 pillows but I’m not allowed a coffee and cake?! when will the madness end?

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Could really go for a sit down IKEA meal. 20 meatballs, a beer, apple pie.