Which of the following have you "plummeted" down or off of

Please select all that apply

  • Hole
  • Hole (Pot)
  • Well
  • Ditch
  • Mine
  • Ravine
  • Canyon
  • Volcano
  • High Building
  • Low Building
  • Medium Building
  • Gorge
  • Chasm
  • Trench
  • Cavity
  • Crater

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you should have put waterslide.

that’s peoples main plummeting vehicle

edit : forgot to add “YSC”

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In my experience, one cannot “plummet” with intent

Not seen me on Montezuma’s Revenge then

What’s been going on with you anyway? Keeping well?

Yeah not too bad.

Not many takers for this poll then. Maybe you should reconsider my waterslide idea?

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No, I will not reconsider it. This poll will remain scientifically accurate and will provide useful data.

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Fine. Enjoy your zero vote poll. At Reading.

@shrewbie - Have you truly “plumetted” down a hole or did you just fall in a bit or stick your leg in a bit?

Shrewbie has responded because he is a wonderful person with a truthful soul

i wouldn’t lie about a thing like this


ok what velocity did you achieve?

don’t say “I don’t know” because everyone knows their velocity at all times.

where’s the option for ‘cess pit’

Not interested in gathering that as a statistic right now

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I don’t have time for this.

Why? What are you so busy with?

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That’s quite narrow-minded of you.

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Do you think there are other body parts that you can be “narrowed” about?

“That’s very narrow-arseholed of you” for example

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It feels like you’re trying to wriggle out of the discussion, but I’ll take the bait because it is interesting to me.

You can have a narrowed arsehole but I’m not sure what that would say about your personality.