Which of the following have you "plummeted" down or off of


I have plumeted off the Auckland Sky Tower.


To plummet you need to reach a velocity of 40m/s. None of you have reached that in any of those.

Please stop - you are bringing disgrace to this forum. Especially when there’s a massive circle jerk wank off going on.

That is pure, unmitigated bullshit. You’re a fucking conman pedalling nonsense like that. Get the fuck out of my thread and stay out.


Good grief!

oh sorry - can’t handle a bit of real world science?

maybe I WILL leave your thread.

I’ve had it up to here with “experts” and I’m about to plummet off here

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The potential of this thread has plummeted, haha!

Don’t do that Ant.

Look I made up the 40m/s thing. I have no idea how fast people fall. None at all.

People - enjoy this great thread that Ant has put together for you.

I’ve just remembered a few of the things I have plummeted down over the years.

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Plumb it

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I was just thinking whether there’s a workable pun in something about a load of strawberries falling a long way and it being a “plummet of strawberries” (being a play on words on what strawberries are sold in).

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Yeah, I’d chortle at a thing like that (provided it was well executed)

Hi. No there isn’t.


have you done this? i have, was a bad time

Ooh, two different opinions. I don’t know who to believe!

No, wait, that’s a lie, @anon5266188 is right, clearly

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Yeah, if you click on my profile it’s one of my most liked posts. Worst of times.

oh i was about ten at the time, yours is much worse

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I plummeted from the top of a slide when I was about 11 years old, but was okay. Just rolled down the mound underneath, jarring my knees slightly but otherwise I was fine.

Could we add “large slide” to the poll?

Sick of this.

I made a poll with options that would give me the data I’m interested in gathering. Make your own fucking poll if that’s the sort of data you’re interested in gathering.