Which of these animals could you outrun

  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Rabbit
  • Woodlouse
  • Hippo
  • Lion
  • Chimpanzee
  • Buffalo
  • Shark

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For the purposes of the thread: all of these animals are mad at you and are chasing you. You have to run 40 metres to the finishing line where if you make it the animal will be captured by an awaiting team of safari people

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Shark, on account of it not having any legs.


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Forgot to mention, the shark race is in a pool obv

You can’t change the rules now, we’ve already started the race.


I’ve done terrible things to woodlice over the years - yet still their pals never get mad enough to attempt to chase me and even up the score a bit

How many of these races are taking place in a pool? May have undersold myself.


Shark due to them not being able to run, woodlouse due to them being slow.

All other animals are faster on average than the fastest human (at about 27/28mph) :frowning:

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Also Rabbits are faster than cats fyi.

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Almost certainly none of them


Just the shark one. I’m willing to do a land/pool double and it’s best over the two races for the shark one if that changes anything

I was thinking fluffy domesticated fat rabbits rather than water ship down pricks

still same. I had fluffy domesticated rabbits. They’re fucking rapid.

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I’m still confident

I mean my cat I could easily outrun - but that’s because he’s old and has several issues.

Assuming a healthy, fit or average of any of these animals.

you’re gonna get bunny mauled.

Also - which dog?

tiny toy dogs or inbred dogs like dachshunds maybe?

A jack russell

I’d win against the dog because all dogs like me and we’d run over the line together and it would be a draw meaning he’d live and I’d also not get mauled

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Reckon I could beat literally any non-human mammal over a marathon distance on land, fwiw

I like your confidence, I’m backing you too