Which of these animals could you outrun

This isn’t about banging them out this is about a pure race. Man v beast

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Nah, there are loads of animals who can run sub-3.00 marathon distances.

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List them

lol, no chance.

especially if it’s something that has mauled you within the first 30 yards.

Then no - I had 2 growing up, they’re damn quick for small legged chaps.

Depends on the breed of dog, no chance against most of them but some of the little ones barely manage a canter.
Reckon you could just scream and flail your arms to scare most of these off course anyway, easy wins.

yup, piece of piss

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luckily I’m a fucking hard nut so wouldn’t be an issue

There’s some big fat fucks who’d never last the distance, too.

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you not seen that advert with the guy with the bad back chasing the bunny rabbit

can’t catch it, too quick.

No I haven’t seen it. I’m fast though

:rotating_light: BULLSHIT ALARM :rotating_light:

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Ostriches, sled dogs, some antelopes.

jack russells are fucking quick too, no way could any of you beat one


A Jack Russell would beat everyone in this thread over that distance. They accelerate so quickly that you’d never catch them. Used to love chasing our one around the park and seeing the glee on his wee face as he outran me.


Sled dogs I’ll give you. No way an ostrich runs a marathon they’re sprinters through and through.

Rabbits and Lions are probably shit over anything >100m, yeah?

I would

I’d absolutely rinse all of them