Which of these slogans for a public awareness campaign concerning cats & hot weather is best?


A poll:

  • Imagine being a cat - IN THIS WEATHER!
  • Imagine having to cope with this weather - AS A CAT!

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Ole ole
Ole ole
Feline hot hot hot


FUCK cat’s hot!


Yes, why not, let’s workshop this. All ideas welcome.


Feline a little too warm?


If you think this is hot, just wait until you’re a cat!


Incidentally guys, I made voting anonymous because I want to keep politics out of this.


Paws for thought: your cat’s boiling


As hot as a cat on a hot tin roof m9!


Picture of a dead cat on a hot tin roof.

Slogan: “Don’t let your pussy get too hot.”


“If you were to hand a thermometer to a cat they would have a very different reading of the data than you or I (people)”


dead cat trapped in lounge

“careless whiskers”


Hot cat
Jumping frog


“Some like it hot! (But probably cats don’t)”


Very-Hot-City Killed The Cat


Your Cat is on FIIIAHHHHHH


‘Keep your hairy pussy moist during the heat’


Steady on


Cats no way (uh huh uh huh)
Dont like heat (uh huh uh huh)


“Imagine if you were to get too hot and you might say OUCH well a cat would say meouch instead and they’d probably say it at a slightly lower temperature than you would”