Which of these slogans for a public awareness campaign concerning cats & hot weather is best?

Convert it to celsius first

Yeah, let’s get his people and our people in the same room.

Fucking mad that they put a character actually called Pussy Galore in those films eh

You: It’s getting hot in here (so hot), could shave off all your fur?
Cat: I am getting so hot, I wanna shave my fur off!


“Cool for cats” isn’t just a good song. It’s GOOD ADVICE!


This is getting out of hand

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Drafting up my resignation letter to Sean as we speak

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Would you lick your own ringpiece (like a cat) in this weather?

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@moderators - 24hrs in the sin bin please?

Cats furr king hot.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof? - NO!


Cat in a Clement Temperature Controlled Environment? - YES!

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You’re on fire in this thread.

Like the cats (metaphorically) I set up the thread to help (indirectly) (somehow).

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Curiosity, and also hot sunshine, killed the cat.

Cats being too hot isn’t a thing though. They love hot weather.

You could maybe put the love in bold italics

Cat Loving A Hot Tin Roof

keep your kitty in the chiller

Don’t put your cat in the bin! Put it in the fridge!

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I don’t know, mine appear to be melting.