Which of these slogans for a public awareness campaign concerning cats & hot weather is best?


Cat on a Hot Tin Roof? - NO!


Cat in a Clement Temperature Controlled Environment? - YES!


Suns don’t kill people…they kill cats


What doesn’t kill cats
Only makes them hotter
(The sun)


You’re on fire in this thread.

Like the cats (metaphorically) I set up the thread to help (indirectly) (somehow).


‘your cat’s in heat’


Curiosity, and also hot sunshine, killed the cat.


Cats being too hot isn’t a thing though. They love hot weather.

You could maybe put the love in bold italics


Cat Loving A Hot Tin Roof


keep your kitty in the chiller


Don’t put your cat in the bin! Put it in the fridge!


I don’t know, mine appear to be melting.