Which of these would you find the most difficult to give up?

Oh hi welcome to my poll thread, haha did I not mention that oh ha silly me.

ANYWAY, which would you, and only you - the rest of society would remain the same/continue accelerating towards oblivion at its own whims - find hardest of these to give up (forever):

  • Dietry consumption of any and all animal products
  • Travel by way of motorised vehicle
  • Free choice in the way you dress (your wardrobe chosen instead by Dave or Saps each week)
  • Intoxication of any kind
  • Access to the internet

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Good to have you aboard @anon14643532, hope you brought a bicycle .

Animals or boozedrugs easy, just dont take my innernette away

Check out @Steved riding on his science oven/bus/other

Tough choice between vehicles and internet.

I’d be made redundant without transport, so that.

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Ever heard of those things people keep going on about with two bits on the end of them that go over the ground?

Er, ever heard of jobs that require you travelling to different cities on a regular basis?

Hey everyone laelfy works in the circus
and he’s never heard of legs


Would either have to move back to the vicinity of home or give up seeing my family, and I don’t really want to do either. Also imagine only being able to go on cycling holidays.

skateboarding holidays


I cant walk/run/cycle to Cardiff, Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool and Leeds every month.

or really slow boats

I don’t know if this is a real thing and I don’t care to find out.

(oh sorry)
Not with an attitude like that you can’t!

saps has a much better sense of dress than i do so that one’s a no brainer
cars are shit, bike 4 life
can still have beer as long as im not pissed, right?
animals are quite tasty but have been veggie in the past could do it again


M Night Shyamalan’s first draft needed more drama etc

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Are you including train as a motorised vehicle or just cars, etc?

Yeah trains are a no-go

Oh, ok. Still not changing my answer though.

lol at the people who would give up a night at home getting nutted on 8 tins of Stella over a car.