Which of you brave, brave people



are going to watch the new series of Prison Break? Because I fucking am. @unfamiliar


Oh boy, that is true bravery. Godspeed Lonzy.


think you meant to @ @Scott_Chegg




you are very welcome


Give us some more of these please.


I’m gonna fucking do it @Balonz !

A friend sent me the synopsis​ of the first episode and it sounds AWFUL.


That’s what I’m after!

Cant remember anything that happened… T-Bag was burrowing in an office or something?


Never seen it!!!


You have missed a life affirming experience.


Hoe many seasons has it had so far?


They’re called Prisons, not Seasons


Four. And a special I think. Each has been a significant step down in quality, starting from a pretty low point. It’s been off air for years.


Yeah i have no idea where it finished. I’m not sure i ever watched it sober. I don’t think either of these things matter at this point though.


Did they make it out of the prison? I can see why it might have lost its way after that


A prison break break


Don’t tell him @Balonz !


None of your business!




Poor t-bag. Thanks for catching me up. Can’t wait for the new episodes