Which of your arms is sexier?

In your opinion.

Anecdotal evidence from admirers also accepted.

Think my right is a bit more muscular so probably that’un

Right arm - no contest.

My right forearm is very muscular by comparison to the left

Bamnan complimented my right bicep in that boxing day selfie thread, so I’m going to go with that one.

Right arm, good mole placement and distribution.

Probably my right arm as my left is skinnier, hairier and covered in scars.

left one, got a massive scar on it, chicks and guyz love scars


i can’t right now, i’ve got a jumper on

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I’ve got a few weird scar things on my left arm and shoulder, so going with that because who doesn’t love DANGER

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my right arm’s all mottled and yellow

These are my scars.


I couldn’t take a decent picture of the second one. It’s hard to hold an iPad in one hand!

Dead heat I think.

They both got plenty of attention when I was busking with my yoyo in a toga at the weekend.


Whichever one has the higher freckle count

my left arm is sleeker and more streamlined

Thirteen or fourteen sutures either side. Don’t wrestle tigers kids!


You got these by wrestling a tiger, is that right?

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The right. It has a big tattoo on it so is probably a bit more interesting (or not…).

On consideration, both of them are pretty boring. No tattoos or scars or anything exciting.

Actually they both have their admirers.