Which of your arms is sexier?

Tough call. My right one has a small scar but also a couple of peculiarly long dark hairs. They probably outweigh the scar, so I’m going with ol’ lefty

Of course! I fell fifteen or sixteen feet out of a tree in a graveyard we used to hang out in. I fell back out of the tree and put my left arm out under me to break my fall. I broke it in five places (radius x2, ulna x2, humerus) and dislocated my elbow.

As a result I’m missing my anconeus muscle and I can’t straighten my left arm. My hand was very weak for years until I picked up playing the bass in earnest and that strengthened it up. There was talk of amputating the arm at the time as it was so bad but the surgeon was brilliant and saved it.

Here’s the graveyard that the whole incident occurred in!


This is cool

someone needs to do a scar thread

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My right arm has the muscle definition, but my left arm has the scars. So I suppose it depends on what you’re into.

Thanks! I used to hate them but now love them. It took years though.

Yeah, with the new DiS it would work I think. Much easier to see images and whatnot.

Haha! I don’t know about hardcore! I’m a stubborn git who had youth on his side.

Weirdly, my grandmother broke her left arm about five hundred metres away from me at roughly the same time that day. I can still remember being in the hospital when she was wheeled in. I was FREAKED! We got brought to the main regional hospital in the same ambulance, had our surgeries one after another and were placed on adjoining wards. My Nan was a tough, tough woman and made a full recovery.

Yeah, it’s Old St. Mary’s Church in Clonmel, my hometown. It was built in the 11th century with later additions. The old town walls still run around the boundary and we used to climb those as well as kids.

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My wanking arm, of course.