Which one do you hate most

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  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

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The man’s face


Me too but only because he looks a lot like a boss I used to have and hated

The sandwich too

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Four. I know it’s bread on the inside but what is it between?

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Think it’s a long thing of salami

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I opened this during a work video meeting and I’m so glad I was on mute though my face definitely looked really weird for a minute there


Hate’s a strong word but I have to say all of them

3 mostly

Couldn’t handle the absolute mess on my hands from 1

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Suddenly not so bad.

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This was a tough vote, and I do hate them all on some level, but 3 just edged it for me due to the sheer wastage of that loaf.

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1 because it’s messiest

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Also 4 because of the unsettling vagueness of the outer element

3 as it is the most illogical

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4 looks like a deli-counter garlic sausage. That used to be a staple food that my parents bought (mid 90s) and amazingly manages to combine all the worst attributes of both garlic and sausages into a single product.

That said, 1 is just too stressful to look at/contemplate.

2 looks good

1 because mess.
2 because dry.
3 because full.
4 because face.

  1. lettuce, gross

1 is just not on at all is it? I mean, they are all abominations but at least you can hold the rest without sticky fingers. 1 is just distressing whereas the others are just a bit more wtf are you doing, hun?