Which One Would You Sell?

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

Welcome to Which One Would You Sell, the game-show where contestants ask the audience: “which one would you sell?”

A quick reminder of our format, contestants present the audience with two or more items that they are thinking of selling and the audience vote on which item they think the contestant would do best in selling. Chat encouraged!

For liability reasons, I must remind the audience that all items should be assumed to be hypothetical and not actually available for sale. However, if you see something that you like, please get in touch with the contestant to see if a similar item is on sale from a vendor that may or not be them!

First up we have two items that many of you are likely to have strong opinions about:

This contestant hasn’t got room for both guitars any longer, he loves the shape and feel of the ASAT, but when it comes to tone and build, the Les Paul is clearly ahead.

We now ask you… which one would Y O U sell?

Not according to his vote!

Oh I thought this was going to be along the lines of lung vs kidney

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  • Lung
  • Kidney

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Congratulations you are our next contestant!

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Ok next question. This one is about motorbikes:

Which one would you sell?


  • jones
  • 54
  • 5511808304682_460867568

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I never sell anything because I just can’t be fucked with it.


it’s loads of effort then someone gets it for fuck all and you’re like “what’s the point”

donate to chazza or throw it in the canal ftw.

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There was a kid at my school with one lung and everyone used to sing ‘one lung’ to the tune of one love by blue at him

Shame for the kid but this has kinda done me a wee bit :joy: