Which outfit shall I wear this weekend?

I was thinking I’d go with the Bill Ward look (far right) because I like the tight red trousers and diagonal belt thing.

Spoiled for choice really and guaranteed to pull in whichever I select.

Had no idea that’s how the far right we’re dressing these days.


are the other three guy’s outfits your other options?

Of course.

Go as Dave Grohl from Nirvana


how did you get all those outfits?

go with the one with the bass

Do the Bill Ward but I think you have to include a foil-wrapped courgette down your trousers.


I wouldn’t know how.

@anon30627475 might disapprove of Bill Ward

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Funnily enough I saw a lad in town last night who was wearing trousers like that, except they were iridescent pink. If I’d known I’d have asking him where he got them for you.

If you see him again please have a word.

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I’d be going with Ozzy’s outfit

The red trousers and tasseled shirt is a strong, strong look

Maybe add the diagonal belt to that?

He’s really drawing attention to his peen there.

I’d consider “stuffing” if I was going for that look. Unless you are already massively endowed (it means you have a big cock).