🥶 Which part of you is coldest right now 🥶

  • :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
  • :muscle:
  • :foot:
  • :leg:
  • :ear:
  • :nose:
  • :brain:
  • :tooth:
  • :eyes:
  • :tongue:
  • 🦲
  • :sleeping_bed:

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Fucked it, forgot to show who’s voting for what :flushed:



Please vote again i am sorry

My right little finger. Its got tiny holes in it from being pinned back together so it’s always the coldest part

Really?? How did it happen? If you don’t mind saying

My right toes probably

Just went for a wee so the answer was ‘hands’ but now it’s ‘private area’

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I play tag rugby. Its supposed to be safe as its non contact but I still get injured loads. I’ve had a broken toe and 2 broken fingers and a torn tendon in another finger.

This one was annoying because a few years ago the torn tendon (mallet finger) meant I had to wear a thick plastic brace on it for 12 weeks. So I went in with my little right finger hoping it was just broken, which it was, but unfortunately it was broken in a line up the middle and across the top joint so it needed pinning back together.

It resulted in this hilariously oversize cast


My forehead

Sounds painful, hope it isn’t too much bother for you now!


Hands my gore tex air force 1’s keep my feet very snug.

My knees. I’m wearing shorts though so it’s my own stupid fault.